Galveston Helicopter Tours at Stewart Beach Park
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At Stewart Beach Park


Frequently Asked Questions - Call us at 409-750-1699

How many people can fly?
Up to 4 in Galveston and up to 3 in Crystal Beach.

How much does it cost?
We start at $50 per person, and go up to $175 per person! We also offer private flights. The private flight tickets are priced per person and have the cost of the empty third seat built in, guaranteeing it's just your party of two and the pilot.

What happens if the flight is canceled due to weather?
We will reschedule for the first flight available.

How much does a child's ticket cost?
Children 2 yrs. of age and older OR 26 lbs. and heavier require a regular-priced ticket. Toddlers 23 months and younger and 25 lbs and lighter may sit on a parent's lap for no charge.

Can I pay with cash?
Yes, cash, debit cards and credit cards are all accepted.

Do I need reservations?
No, but we recommend you book and reserve in advance due to the demand of our locations.

What will I see on my flight?
Gorgeous views of local beaches, the ocean and everything a bird would see!


Robinson 44 Helicopter - 290 LBS per individual passenger / Maximum of 600 LBS for all passengers (up to 3)

Robinson 66 Helicopter - 290 LBS per individual passenger / Maximum of 800 LBS for all passengers (up to 4)

NOTE: The per individual limit is a weight limit on each individual seat. We would still not be able to fly if two tickets were purchased for an individual passenger.

We Provide Services to the Following Cities, Towns and Surrounding Regions of FL, TX & MO:
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